The Power of Story Writing

Story writing, as a business system, though seemingly superfluous, is an absolute must, when it comes to aligning and equipping a team with what they need to build software or user experiences. So, why on earth is it so hard to get teams to understand the importance and power of…

What is Foundational Design?

Foundational Design is the discipline of design, invented by Third Layer, that focuses on design foundations first, as a core architecture to the company’s functions.

If you can imagine a house, without a foundation, you may worry that it won't last, or will soon collapse. Many companies, including more mature…

This article will help you develop the skills and teach you how to access the tools you need to build your brand; but before you can become a brand expert you will need to really understand the following:

  • The branding process
  • How brands work
  • How your brand will fit in…

Jonathan Omar Bowman

Product Design Leader in Silicon Valley.

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